AFM environmental control

The Nano-Observer AFM is compatible with a controlled environment during the image aquisition. With the Atmosphere control accessory, it is possible to isolate the volume inside the AFM, introduce an inert gas or control the relative humidity. Setting the relative humidity to values close to 0% inside the chamber is vital to have reproducible results when using electrical modes such as HD-KFM, ResiScope, SMIM, EFM,.. in order to avoid effects of local oxidation due to the presence of water layers on the surface. In the case of experiments of local-probe anodic oxidation, it is required to have a precise and reproducible control of the relative humidity (RH) during the study of oxidation kinetics. The small volume of the atmosphere control accessory, together with the diffusors in the gas inlet of the Nano-Observer AFM, allow a fast and rapid control of the changes in RH.

Nano-Observer AFM in Glovebox

Exploring the properties of many materials requires working in a controlled environment to protect the samples from environmental influences (2D, organic or photovoltaic materials).

The Nano-Observer AFM perfectly matches to this type of request:

  • Small AFM allowing easy integration into a glove box or passage through the airlock.
  • Probe mounting outside of the glove box
  • No cables or connectors to manipulate (everything is controlled by software)
  • No contamination of samples

EZ TEMPerature : AFM Temperature control

The Nano-Observer AFM is compatible with the temperature control accessory EZ temperature and peltier developed by CSI to deliver precise temperature control and imaging during temperature changes. It is compatible with all AFM modes. A heating or cooling sample stage is available to study temperature-dependent surface phenomena like phase transitions on polymers, materials or biological samples. Temperature range is from -40°C to 300°C. The design of the Nano-Observer architecture minimizes the temperature gradient between the heating/cooling stage and the scanner, so that thermal drift is minimized. This allows to perform stable imaging during temperature rise.

EZ Liquids : AFM in Liquid

The Nano-Observer AFM is compatible with imaging in liquid environment with the accessory EZ liquids. It includes an specially designed cell and tip holder for imaging in liquids in both contact or resonant modes. Additionally, a connector can be included in the liquid cell to connect a bi-potentiostat to perform electrochemistry experiments. The holder has been designed so that the reflected laser spot angle is compensated when the cell is filled with liquid (water, PBS,…). The laser/photodetector alignment can be easily performed in ambient conditions, after the cell is filled with liquid, the only re-adjustment needed consists on moving downwards the photodetector to centered again the laser spot. Another benefit of the special design of the holder is the minimizing of the liquid evaporation rate, thus minimizing the intrinsic drift of imaging in liquid environment.