Motic® BA310MET Metallurgical Microscope

The Motic® BA310MET series is an affordable and powerful line of robust incident (reflective) light (BA310MET) and dual illumination (BA310MET-T) metallurgical microscopes.

Designed for observing all opaque materials including minerals, metals and ceramics, the BA310MET is ideal for applications where affordability and ease of use are key demands, such as Educational Fields, Semi-Conductors, Engineering and Material Science as well as Industrial Quality Control.

The BA310MET-T model adds a transmitted light option which allows viewing of transparent and interior bore samples and greatly increases the number of industrial applications.

All models feature the powerful and adjustable Epi-Illuminator with a 12V/50W halogen bulb light source for reflective samples. The halogen bulb is easily replaced with an LED module (available in 4500K or 6000K color temperature) to increase illumination options. A built-in field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm help to optimize image quality by reducing stray light and increasing contrast.