Motic® Digital BA210 Biological Light Microscope

The Digital BA210 has all the specifications of the BA210 with trinocular head plus a built-in high resolution digital CMOS camera. The digital microscope provides one package, easy to set up and operate. The 3.0 Mega Pixel CMOS camera is ideal for recording, storing and sharing high quality digital images. See all options available on the BA210 Microscope Systems Diagram . (CMOS and photo adapters are not available for the Digital BA210 due to the integrated camera).

The Motic® BA210 provides high resolution and excellent optical performance for all microscopy needs. The BA210 is designed for both educational and teaching environments from basic life sciences to medical biological applications. The BA210’s standard configuration along with the newly formulated Motic® Infinity Optics (CCIS®), best meets the needs of the College, University, and Medical school markets. The BA210 delivers a high level of performance in education and training.