Motic® Digital BA310 Biological Light Microscope

The Digital BA310 biological high performance microscope combines uncompromised optical clarity thanks to its integrated CCIS® (Color Corrected Infinity System) optical system with an integrated high resolution CMOS camera. The Digital BA310 has the exactly the same optical and mechanical specifications as the BA310 microscope. See all options available on the Digital BA310 Microscope Systems Diagram. A complete range of eyepieces and objectives are available to configure the Digital BA310 for your application. (CMOS and photo adapters are not available for the Digital BA310 due to the integrated camera). The Motic® Digital BA310 is designed for the rigors of daily routine work in the demanding applications of Professional Cytology, Hematology and Pathology laboratory settings. The Motic® Color Corrected Infinity Optics(CCIS®) with newly designed EF-N Plan objectives provides high resolution and excellent optical performance for all microscopy needs. The Digital BA310 is upgradeable to include additional contrast methods. These features ensure this model will offer long term functionality to all user levels in a variety of applications.

The Digital BA310 is a superior microscope meeting the rugged demands for daily work needs in a Professional laboratory setting. The Digital BA310’s 30W illumination provides the user with a powerful and adjustable light source to meet both delicate and detailed lighting requirements for all sample types. The fully featured Koehler illumination of the Digital BA310 helps in highlighting even the weakest stained specimens.

The Motic® Color Corrected Infinity Optics CCIS® and the EF-N Plan Achromat objectives provide optimal image contrast through newly designed multi-layer lens coatings. The fully corrected tube lens and subsequent intermediate image without color fringing is now fully accessible through both eyepiece and the trinocular port making digital images as crisp and clear as those seen through the eyepieces. The Digital BA310’s large, hard coated and chemical resistant stage, with an expansive 76x50mm travel range, includes a new slide holder with improved tighter grip. This ensures easy and repeatable scanning of numerous slides in all daily routines. A complete range of options and accessories are available to configure the Digital BA310 to your application. All options are shown in the Digital BA310 microscope systems diagram.

Key Improvements on Digital BA310

  • The WF10x/20 eyepieces are non-compensated, removing the yellow fringe.
  • A Siedentopf Head with chromatic compensated tube lens, therefore the image at the trinocular port is also compensated.
  • New lead free and multi-layer coating EF-N Plan objectives with a new sleeve.
  • New capabilities for stage movement either with the right or left hand.
  • A new stage with a new slide holder. The slide holder for the Digital BA310 has a wider slide holder fixing screw distance to fix the holder firmer. There is also a smoother surface paint and finish to improve scratch resistance.
  • Has removed the stage position lock. This improves flexibility to view specimens contained in different kinds of sample holders.
  • A newly designed condenser.
  • Now comes with a condenser position lock for fixed-Koehler illumination for optimal light intensity.
  • A new stage and condenser support assembly to increase the movement range for the condenser. The upper position of the condenser can be adjusted to within 1mm from the specimen to avoid formation of the ground glass image on the image plane. It also prevents the left hand control knob from getting too close to the condenser focusing knob and interfering with its operation.
  • A newly designed coarse focusing knob mechanism.
  • A new collector with a filter lock. The blue filter can be fixed onto the collector lens by a screw cap to protect the filter from being removed or dropped and broken during system movement.
  • A new lamp module for increased light intensity and improved heat dispersion.
  • A newly designed arm stand with new rubber feet. The new rubber feet are made of softer material to reduce vibration from the work environment.
  • A new white body color giving a better impression as professional laboratory equipment with model name and a new logo.
  • A new ISO adapter with a 38mm diameter.
  • Many accessories are compatible with the new Digital BA310 including 2.5x and 4x photoeyepieces, a turret phase condenser, CCIS® PL PH objective, centering telescope, phases sliders, darkfield sliders, polarizer and analyzer.