Motic® SMZ-168 Stereo Zoom Microscope

The SMZ-168 provides clear real 3-D imaging with a convenient zoom magnification range from 7.5 to 50x provided by the combination of the Greenough optical system and the standard 10x super widefield eyepieces. The long working distance of 113mm coupled to the large field of view for the standard configuration makes this an ideal system for setting up a work station for preparation, dissecting, micro-assembly, forensics or quality assurance. Features top light for incident illumination and a bottom light for transmitted illumination (streamline base). Both halogen and LED illumination are available. The optional trinocular port accepts an optional video C-mount and SLR camera adapters. Should you choose a Motic® or third-party camera, Motic® provides a range of C-mount adapters which are necessary for trinocular port attachment.