Nano-Observer AFM

Best cost effective solution

The Nano-Observer AFM microscope is a flexible and powerful AFM. Designed with the ultimate technologies, it combines performance and ease of use. The USB controller offers a real integrated lock-in for better measurement capability (phase detection, Piezo-Response Mode…).

A low-noise laser and a pre-alignment system provide simplicity and high resolution on a compact AFM head. Its intuitive software simplifies all Atomic Force Microscope settings to allow quick and safe AFM acquisitions.

Compact and robust, the Nano-Observer Atomic Force Microscope fulfills the requirements for advanced users or beginners. It avoids laser alignment with the pre-positioned tip system. A top and side view of the tip/sample, combined with vertical motorized control, makes the pre-approach easy.


XY scan range 100 μm (tolerance +/- 10%)
Z range 15 μm (tolerance +/- 10%)
XY drive resolution 24 bit control – 0.06 Angströms
Z drive resolution 24 bit control – 0.006 Angströms
Ultra low noise HV Typ : <0.01 mV RMS
6 DAC Outputs 6 D/A Converters – 24 bit
(XYZ drive, bias, aux…)
8 ADC Inputs 8 A/D Converters – 16 bit
Data points Up to 8192
Integrated Lock-in Up to 6 MHz (software limited)
2nd lock-in (6 MHz-optional)
Interface USB (2.0 – 3.0 compatible)
Controller Power AC 100 – 240 V – 47-63 Hz
Operating System Windows 7 to 10


  • Material characterization
  • Polymer science
  • Electrical characterization
  • Semiconductor
  • Soft sample
  • Biology