PL Clear, Amber, and Black Colored, Acrylic Desiccator Cabinets

The new and improved PL desiccators are designed to protect, store or assist in moving critical materials and to prevent contamination. These dust and moisture free enclosures safeguard valuable research specimens, sensitive parts, electronic components, calibration standards or precision mechanical assemblies. When a positive dry N2 gas flow is applied, the desiccators prevent moisture from reacting with stored items.

CLEAR acrylic enclosure allows for easy observation and locating your items;
 colored cabinets block Ultraviolet Light but allow full visibility of interior;
BLACK cabinets protect specimens from light or are suited for confidentiality.

The acrylic desiccator cabinets are constructed of 1/4″ thickness acrylic material, featuring easy-open doors and full visibility for the clear and amber models. Shelf supports strips are provided at 2″ (51mm) intervals.

The Static Dissipative PVC models are constructed from ESD safe material (only available in clear). The dissipative PVC has a surface resistivity of only 105-108 Ohms Square with a surface potential of less than 15V. Decaying time is less than one second.