PELCO® Conductive Liquid Silver Paint

Air drying silver paint to make effective ground. Curable at room temperature and has high adhesion to any material. Surfaces do not have to be prepared prior to application and will adhere to such materials as polymer (phenolic) boards, ceramic, glass, metal, plastic and fiberglass. It should be mixed well with a spatula before using. RoHS compliant.
The container is offered in two sizes (15g and 30g) and is provided with an applicator brush. Silver flake grain size is an average of 80%, <1.0µm. Sheet resistance is 0.02 ohms per square @ 1 mil (0.001” = 0.025mm) thickness and is a function of the coating. Service temperature range is -40°C to 200°C.
Use #16021 gold/silver thinner/extender to dilute when needed.