PELCO® Conductive Nickel Paint

Conductive nickel paint with an acrylic binder. High purity nickel flakes (8-13µm), fast drying with a VOC content of 27.5%. The fast drying nickel paint forms a thin, conductive and flexible layer with good adhesion on most substrates. Can be used to form conductive paths, conductive bonding or conductive painting where silver can’t be tolerated, but where high conductivity is required. The conductivity of this nickel cement paint is approximately 20x better than graphite paint and approximately 10% of silver paint. The high oxidation resistance of pure Nickel ensures a long-term conductivity. Nickel is a magnetic material, not suitable for high resolution SEM imaging close to the pole piece in most SEMs. Supplied in a bottle with a brush, 30g. Acetone (#16023) can be used as thinner/extender or as a cleaner to remove the nickel paint.