PELCO® Conductive Silver Paint

A highly conductive silver paint with an acrylic binder. High purity silver flakes, fast drying with a low VOC content. The fast drying silver paint forms a thin, highly conductive and flexible layer. Ideally suited to form conductive paths or conductive bonding for SEM sample preparation. Durable acrylic resin minimizes metallic loss, flakes ensure maximum conductivity. Other applications are conductive paths for electronic components and EMI/RFI shielding. Excellent adhesion to most nonconductive materials such as plastics, ceramics, wood, glass, epoxies and most metals. Supplied in a 30g bottle with brush or 15g bottle without brush. Acetone (#16023) can be used as thinner/extender or as a cleaner.

  • Service Temperature -40 to +120°C (-40 to +248°F)
  • Solid contents (silver): 73%
  • Binder: Acrylic
  • Carrier: Acetone based
  • Sheet resistance: 0.066 ohm/sq