PELCO® High Performance Silver Paste

Silver flakes in an inorganic silicate aqueous solution, specially formulated adhesive for demanding bonding applications such as:

  • High temperature up to 927°C (1700°F)
  • Ultra high vacuum – no hydrocarbon, no VOC’s
  • Cryogenic temperatures (suitability depends on matching properties)

The excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, coupled with the absence of hydrocarbons, makes this product ideal for demanding specimen preparation in FESEM, XPS, ESCA, SIMS, Auger and other applications. PELCO® High Performance Silver Paste provides both high electrical and thermal conductivity with a silver particle size of 20µm. Silver content >60% by weight. Cures at room temperature, but requires a 2 hour cure at 93°C (200°F) to achieve high conductivity and strong bond. Must be fully cured before using this product at cryogenic temperatures. Soluble in water to 260°C (500°F). Above this temperature it becomes almost insoluble.