PELCO® Graphene & Graphene Oxide Films

Pelco Graphene products are available on a variety of substrates including lacey carbon, 2000 mesh Cu grid, holey silicon nitride, and ultra-flat SiO2. The Graphene is available in different thicknesses: single layer, 2-layers, 3-5, and 6-8 layers. Graphene sheets with thicker layers are available by special order.

The PELCO® Graphene TEM Support Films are suspended on a lacey carbon film on a 300mesh grid (#01895). The Graphene films we offer have either single, 2, 3-5, or 6-8 layer Graphene sheets and cover the entire TEM grid. The usable area is around 75% due to some unavoidable folds and wrinkles in the Graphene sheets. Graphene, with its unique properties, offers a support film layer that is more conductive and also much thinner than the average carbon support film. Although it is a crystalline support film, its contribution to signal formation is relatively low. This makes the single and 2-layer Graphene support film ideal for high resolution imaging, imaging of nanoparticles and imaging of weak contrast materials/interfaces.