& Rotary-Tilting Stages

There are two types of rotary stages for the Cressington 108/SE and 208 series of coaters available.

1. Rotary-Planetary-Tilting (R-P-T) Stage; this stage offers multi-angle movements of multiple samples for sputter coating and carbon coating evaporation. The R-P-T stage can be configured with 4 specific holders for most types of SEM mounts, large specimen mounts and cross sections; see the listing below. The R-P-T enables better uniformity and more conform coating on topographic samples than with a static stage. It enables coating of a larger number of samples. The R-P-T fits all larger chamber configurations found on the 208 and the 108/SE series of Cressington coaters. With the special Large Sample Adapters, the R-P-T stage can be used as a rotary stage.

2. Rotary-Tilting (R-T) Stage; this stage is mostly used for larger samples on the 208C and 108carbon/SE coaters. It is also useful for shadowing techniques on the 208C high vacuum turbo carbon coater. The R-T stage is configured to accommodate standard 1″ x 3″ glass slides commonly used for making carbon support films.

Both the R-P-T and R-T stages are built into a 150mm diameter mounting collar to enable rapid configuration modifications. Also included are glass and metal spacers for chamber height adjustment, variable rotation speed control, and external tilt adjustment with locking lever. (Note: Tilt adjustment is 0-90° w/o thickness monitor sensor, but limited to 0-60° when the thickness monitor sensor is fitted).