GEM® Single Edge, Stainless Steel Blades in Dispenser

Uncoated stainless steel, aluminum back, single edge blades in 10 blade safety dispensers, pack of 5 dispensers. The GEM® blades have a 3-facet edge with a steel back, and are degreased for clean room applications. Used blades can be stored in bottom part of dispenser for safe disposal. Blades are made from low carbon 400 series stainless steel. The hardness range of the blade is 56-63 Rockwell “C”.

• Length: 39.6mm (1.56″)
• Cutting Edge Length: 39.6mm (1.56″)
• Width: 19.6mm (0.77″)
• Thickness: 0.229mm (0.009″)
• Degreased
• Unwrapped