Kapton® Polyimide Film, 3M™ Tape 5413

This single sided tape consists of a Kapton® polyimide film with a silicone adhesive, compatible with a wide temperature range. Kapton® tape with silicone adhesive exhibits better adhesion to “difficult surfaces”, but at the same time the high adhesive film bond greatly reduces adhesive transfer to leave a cleaner surface. This tape can be used in harsh environments and has a specified temperature use range is -75° to +260°C (-100° to +500°F). However, successful applications have been reported in the temperature range of -196° to +400°C (-321° to +752°F). Kapton® film thickness is 1.0mil (0.03mm), total tape thickness with adhesive is 2.7 mil (0.07mm). Standard 76mm (3″) plastic core.