PELCO® Grids

The PELCO® Grids are usually somewhat thicker than similar TEM grids made by electro plating processes which makes them stiffer and easier to handle without the danger of bending, but still maintain a good definition of the grid bars. The wide rims (350-400µm) on the PELCO® Grids provide additional stiffness and minimize the potential of interfering with the sample when picking up and handling the grids with tweezers. The popular PELCO® Grids were introduced 45 years ago and have found a large user base in all disciplines of TEM. The grids have a shiny (smooth) finish on one side and matte (rough) or dull finish on the other side. Grids have all been inspected before packaging. A comprehensive selection of different grid styles is offered with the standard outside diameter of 3.05mm. Styles available are Square Mesh, Hexagonal (honeycomb) Mesh, Double Folding Grids, Slotted Mesh, Tabbed Grids, Slotted or Round Hole. Available materials are Cu, Ni and Au.