SynapTek™ Grids

PELCO SynapTek™ grids have been developed to give perfect stability for coating with a support film. These TEM grids are extremely sturdy, easy to clean, contamination free and reusable after cleaning. With a thickness of 100µm (4 mil) (except Mo, which has a thickness of 75µm (3 mil)) and a diameter of 3.05mm, PELCO Synaptek™ grids are available with a standard oval 1x2mm slot. For higher yields, there are also versions available with a 0.5x2mm slot, a 0.8×1.8mm slot and a 1.5mm diameter hole. The standard material for the Synaptek™ grids is a beryllium copper alloy, however for special applications Nickel, Molybdenum or gilded (gold plated) versions are also available. The PELCO Synaptek™ TEM grids have special identification and handling features with some features combined.