This is a rotary blade type vacuum pump that uses lubricating oil. A vacuum pump with low noise, low vibration and high reliability. GHD series uses a magnetic coupling.

  • Wide range voltage motor and correspond to CE, cTUVus.
  • Magnet coupling for no oil leakage from shaft seal and realized longer lifetime.
  • Integrated check valve below the inlet port for backflow prevention.


  • Oil is deteriorated with operating, and becomes the factor of performance shortage. A decrease and the dirt of oil are confirmed, and please regularly add and replace it.
  • This pump has an unti-sack valve function that is effective to
  • prevent the oil back streaming when the pump stops.
  • The function is not 100% guranteed.
  • If operation is performed at high pressure, oil mist is generated at the exhaust side.
  • There is a risk of explosion. Never block the outlet or operate the pump with equipment mounted at the outlet side that blocks the passage of gas. Otherwise, the internal pump pressure increases causing the pump to explode, the oil level gauge to protrude or the motor to be overloaded.
  • It is a pump only in the room. Please do not set it up in the place, that rain and water splash, and outdoors.


Item Unit 50Hz 60Hz
Actual Pumping Speed L/min 100 120
Ultimate Pressure Pa 0.67
Ultimate Pressure (G.V. open) Pa 6.7
Motor Output W 300
Recommended oil R-2
Oil capacity mL 1,000
Weight kg 22
Inlet, Outlet port diameter mm KF-25, G1
Ambient temperature 7~40
Overall dimensions mm 150(W) × 413.5(L) × 234.5(H)
RoHS applied